I have always identified myself as a traveler, and have been one since a very early age. Born in France my parents took me to live around the world and the minute I was able to fly the coop I continued the journey of discovery, adaptation and packing bags. 

Nature has always played an important part in my art since the very beginning. Using art as a voice, a shout for both monstrosities and beauties of this world. I enjoy sarcasm and dark humour to depict somewhat tragic realities. I mainly portray current events and animals faced with endangerment or worse, extinction. I use acrylic on panel or paper in various techniques such as airbrush and also the use of a quill to do all the line work for the skelarizing process. What is skelarizing you might ask? Well I am Skela and it’s the fragmented sectioning of living creatures, in this case mainly humans. No computers are used however the final outcome is intended to trick you into thinking it is digital, which discusses the subject of nature versus technology and society.  However my inner muralist needs its time too, and there is nothing like painting big. The results are 3D environments, with painted walls and cardboard layers creating a space in which I then disguise myself and take photos with a remote control. Selfies to the next level. Vanity is such an important part of our society why not use it for a purpose. My colors are bold and bright radiating acidity and plasticity, animals are realistic and humans are grey and geometric filled with modern toxicity. But fear not, there is still hope! I do not paint doom but the birth of a new era of awareness. It’s called morbid optimism. 

The Torch Bar has been serving downtown Flint for over 50 years. We are just a few minutes walk from most downtown offices. Our relaxed, casual atmosphere is the perfect place to unwind with co-workers and friends. Whether you are stopping in after a long day at the office, chilling out after a final exam or just want to get together with friends, the Torch will make you feel at home.

The Torch is THE Downtown place for drinks, conversation and fun.
The Torch is Flint’s old time pub.

The Torch Burger is considered by many to be the best hamburger in Genesee County. A full half pound burger ( 8oz.) of fresh ground beef that is hand made each morning. We never use frozen preformed patties like many of the chain restaurants do. Cooked to order with the toppings of your choice. Satisfy your appetite with a Torch Burger with everything (mustard, ketchup, pickle and onions) or maybe a Torch Burger with cheese deluxe (lettuce, tomato and Mayo). How ever you get one, you’ll be sure to enjoy a burger made your way.