Flint Public Art Project is a registered 501(c)(3) located in in Flint, MI and member of the Alliance of Artists Communities.


In Flint, MI, artists serve as catalysts for community cohesion, weaving narratives through their craft that resonate with shared experiences. Through murals, performances, and grassroots initiatives, they foster dialogue, inspire resilience, and reimagine the city’s narrative, strengthening its social fabric.


The community serves as the heartbeat of the Flint Public Art Project, infusing it with vitality and authenticity. Through active participation, residents contribute ideas, resources, and labor, fostering a sense of ownership and pride in the revitalization of their cityscape.

Planting Seeds

The Flint Public Art Project cultivates a fertile ground for community involvement by integrating art into public spaces. Through vibrant installations and participatory events, it fosters dialogue, ignites creativity, and empowers residents, sowing the seeds for a more connected and resilient community.