Always forgive, never forget, learn from the past, never be filled with regret. As I spread my wings and glided through the sky there’s a ball of fire blazing built up inside me that symbolizes life after death and. In order to rise from your ashes you must burn. as a raging fire shows your scars to show how the phoenix was born into the world.  When the sun goes down there’s a light that still brightens the sky and there the women holding the city of life

By: Torrey johnson

A Pontiac-based innovative artist that is bringing new style to street art and wall murals. Driven by the need to win and the love of making people stop to “smell the roses” during an otherwise busy city life. Currently working hard to help spark a fire in the City of Pontiac though a series of wall murals/street art titled #pontiactakeoverpontiac. Zack has over 50 murals in Michigan including several with the Flint Public Art Project.