Welcome to Flint


              A city of crime and hard times

             Filled with many thousands but home to many abandoned houses.

             Known by many for manufacturing cars,

             By hardworking flint natives trying to reach the stars.

             A city where they try to make ends meet,

              While Many children worry about what they will eat.

              With many potholes and damage roads,

              While the city acts and pretends to be broke.

              On the flipside flint has amazing institute of arts,

              Filled with creative souls and good hearts.

              A city of wonderful outgoing souls,

               Where the city has a burning desire to reach and achieve their goals.


By: Isaiah Robinson

Ryon Gonzalez

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The What’s Up Downtown Project

The project aims to remove barriers to transform Downtown Flint into an inclusive, equitable space by diversifying the types of experiences being offered. That is, to grow our strong traditions and evolve our identity from cars and running to a cultural city. The project will implement a year-round, citizen-driven collection of pop-ups to activate our beautiful, historic downtown to create a big impact. Authentic art, music, and culture that is being made right here in the neighborhoods of Flint, Michigan will be provided new platforms as we transform the parks, alleys, and other public spaces into venues for gathering.