This city is a personification of its people

An embodiment of its environment

Words to describe its character

Words to describe it’s people

Terms are a feature of this city

It’s packaged with the personality

Not of the people but the place


By Michael Harris 

Johnny Tarajosu doesn’t always work in one style or medium. Being a multimedia creative allows for versatility and speed in the age of the internet. Clients have worked with Tarajosu for his range of skills that include: Cinematography, Video Editing, Motion Graphics, Creative Direction, Murals, Portrait Painting, Photography, Illustration, and Design. A few notable clients Tarajosu has worked with this year are Penguin Random House, Redbull, and Focus Features.

Tarajosu is 30 years of age and currently resides in South Florida, where he was born. He also lived in Los Angeles for much of his developmental years. His mother is Jamaican, his birth father is Guyanese, and his father figure is Haitian. Essentially he is 75% Indian and 25% Black. He has family in Mexico, Belize, Jamaica, Chine, India, Haiti, Canada, Ghana, and the United Kingdom. His diverse upbringing has led to his appreciation of the diversity and cultures of the world. Love, unity, and community create opportunities. That is the “WHY” behind his work. A majority of his inspiration comes from the indigenous people of the world.



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