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Mural Workshop at Southwestern Academy

Flint Public Art Project, Is proud to announce the street artist duo Nomad Clan, return to Flint June 1st -14th, to provide the art students at Flint’s Southwestern Academy a workshop that teaches them how to transform research into art and transfer the art into a large scale mural, with the support of the Michigan Council for Arts and Cultural Affairs.  Nomad Clan is the collective of Cbloxx and AYLO, an internationally-acclaimed, street art muralist duo (female) based in Manchester UK, proudly sponsored by Kobra Spray Paint.  

After graduation many art students are unable, and lack the skills, to take their art and transform it into a marketable profession.  Like many art classes, students learn to develop technique and sharpen their skills, but lack the ability to translate research required for commission pieces, the ability to collaborate with other artists, and the ability to transfer their work to large scale, profitable, project.  Leaving many lacking the knowledge or means to market their skills in the art world. We have planned an interactive workshop with the internationally awarded group, The Nomad Clan to teach art students at Flint’s Southwestern Academy through a creation that will give them a foundation upon which they can build a legacy.  Our workshop will take the skills they have learned and transform them in to a marketable skill.

What is unique about Nomad Clan, in addition to their own history, is when they collaborate – the fusion delivers an unmistakable style.  Each mural has a strong significance to the environment it sits in, combining playful scenes often from local heritage with detailed portraits of characters from some of the tales they hear in the local public spaces.  The main focus of their work is to proudly celebrate local history but on a deeper level often contains the socioeconomic issues effecting the area, for example the demise of the fishing industry, the closures of mills and lack of jobs, inner city social deprivation, etc. Nomad Clan have been noted as ‘One of street art’s finest female duos’ by Widewalls magazine the world’s largest street art online publication, as well as ‘Street arts hottest UK talent’ by Global Street Art blog and pegged as one of the top 5 female street artist in the world by The Guardian News Paper. During the winter months in the UK the Nomad Clan send their time working in their Manchester studio, offering a program that teaches kids how to transform their drawings into large scale murals.  The project with the Flint School students will include:

  1. Research- During this part of the program, Nomad Clan works with the students by doing a brainstorming session to pick a topic. After the topic is chosen they head to the library and online to come up this as much research as they can on the topic. After all they research is gathered, the next step is to eliminate any un-relevant research during a class discussion.
  2. Translating the research into a drawing- During this section the students work together as a team to create a design board with the research they found. Then they learn how to take each of the elements from the design board and create a rendering of the mural.
  3. Transferring the drawing to a large scale mural- During this section of the project they with learn how to prep a large wall by choosing a base paint that will complement their drawing and be used as the backdrop. After they will learn how to create a grid pattern on both the wall and the drawing. The students will then begin to transfer the drawing onto the wall, with an end result a beautiful mural formed by the students.     
  • Learning Objective 1- The student will learn how to work together as a group and understanding the importance of collaboration in decision making.
  • Learning Objective 2- The student will learn research techniques to help them develop their artistic skills.
  • Learning Objective 3 The student will learn how to translate research into an artistic form.
  • Learning Objective 4- The students will learn how to transfer drawings to a large scale piece of art that can be marketed.  

You can help support this project by donating at the link below: