Swift Graffiti

Swift9 (Elegwa Wyckliffe) a Nairobi, Kenya based visual artist specializing in graffiti and urban art who started the street artist movement in Kenya. Through annual workshops Swift9 has successfully trained over 300 young artists how to use art as a tool for advocacy. Over the last ten year he has been commissioned to several murals and workshops and murals in East Africa. In 2013 the Kenyan graffiti artists received permission from the Rift Valley Railway to spray-paint a 10-car commuter train with peace messages and icons. Throughout the years his work has been displayed and exhibited all over Kenya and East Africa and last September ware his work was displayed in the Poe Park Visitor Center in Bronx, New York, The Bronx meets East Africa. 

At the Sylvester Broome Empowerment Village, our mission is to cultivate leadership capacity. We firmly believe that investing in young people is the key to creating compelling and lasting change in our community.