The Worse Always Gets Better

All I see is a tree in the background of a beautiful portrayal of nature. Not that a tree isn’t significant to nature. In fact, trees help nature. 

Like the tree, you should let life be the wind that carries new seeds across the world. The wind, that in nature frees a struggling fly from the web of a spider. 

Now think of your calming color


A gentle, free color. The green of a well nourished forest. 

But wait,

 this isn’t working

My forest is burning down

The wind of life feeding the flames of the present

Hold on…why is it wet?

It isn’t raining. 

Where’d the flames of the forest that continues to haunt me go?



It’s just a friend.

Distinguishing the flames that has destroyed the forest I worked so hard to keep 

The flames are gone

But so is the gorgeous green forest. 

All I see is blackness


Am I alive?

Is this what death feels like?


Can’t be

I wouldn’t be moving to a new forest

Taking advantage of a new opportunity that has arisen.

I get to see a new life. 

A new wind will blow while the scoldering, newly black forest, grows into a new field, flourishing with beautiful flowers 

I’ve always been told new life will arise from old problems

But wait a second 

Why is it so bright?

Why is there a siren?

Is it firefighters coming to put out the fire?


Late again. 

There isn’t anym…..

It gets even brighter

And brighter

And finally I realize what is going on. 

I roll over.

Press snooze.

And remind myself, 

As I will my body to life once again,

Sometimes all you need is to

Take a Breath


By Parker Oosterhof 

Spaik is a Mexican street artist who creates colourfull works mainly in Mexico but also in other countries of South America. Spaik uses traditional local themes in most of his paintings as wells as mythical references from native tales.

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