Opening My Eyes

By: Dylan Pearson

“Where you heading?”

I don’t really know

I know i’m going down the right path,

Well i’m pretty sure I am

I just don’t know

I sit every friday after next hoping praying

I won’t be at the wrong place at the wrong time.

Wondering if i’ll be the one catching the crossfire


Are we there yet

Have we reached that point

That point where life is just trying to not be put on a T-shirt

“I gotta get out” 


Afterall you did get out

Eric “Zoueh” Skotnes is a Los Angeles artist who embarked on graffiti at 11 years old. His obsession constructing large-scale graffiti inspired him to design murals. He pursued art education at the Art Center College of Design from 2005-2009, where he studied illustration and fine art.


During his last term, he began to receive commissions from movie and television production studios. Skotnes has done paintings, graffiti, murals, and illustration for studio productions including “Brooklyn Nine-Nine”, “Parks & Rec”, “Family Tree,” “How to be a Latin Lover,” “Murder in the First,” “The Good Place,” and “Last Man on Earth.”