I have always identified myself as a traveler, and have been one since a very early age. Born in France my parents took me to live around the world and the minute I was able to fly the coop I continued the journey of discovery, adaptation and packing bags. 

Nature has always played an important part in my art since the very beginning. Using art as a voice, a shout for both monstrosities and beauties of this world. I enjoy sarcasm and dark humour to depict somewhat tragic realities. I mainly portray current events and animals faced with endangerment or worse, extinction. I use acrylic on panel or paper in various techniques such as airbrush and also the use of a quill to do all the line work for the skelarizing process. What is skelarizing you might ask? Well I am Skela and it’s the fragmented sectioning of living creatures, in this case mainly humans. No computers are used however the final outcome is intended to trick you into thinking it is digital, which discusses the subject of nature versus technology and society.  However my inner muralist needs its time too, and there is nothing like painting big. The results are 3D environments, with painted walls and cardboard layers creating a space in which I then disguise myself and take photos with a remote control. Selfies to the next level. Vanity is such an important part of our society why not use it for a purpose. My colors are bold and bright radiating acidity and plasticity, animals are realistic and humans are grey and geometric filled with modern toxicity. But fear not, there is still hope! I do not paint doom but the birth of a new era of awareness. It’s called morbid optimism. 

Flint Mural Play #6



By Taylor Boes (UofM Flint Student Playwright)

Inspired by the mural by Skela


Directed by Janet Haley


Sound Design by Matt Coggins



DOCTOR: Rico Bruce Wade

PATIENT: Connie Cowper

This summer, Flint Repertory Theatre is partnering with the Flint Public Art Project to present FLINT MURAL PLAYS. Flint Rep has commissioned 25 new micro audio plays from some of the most exciting playwrights in the country, each play corresponding with a different mural located around the city of Flint.


The FLINT MURAL PLAYS will feature new audio plays from Mando Alvarado (Post No Bills), Hunter Bell (Title of Show) & Ebony Vines, Kyle Clark, singer-songwriter “Danielle Ate The Sandwich”, Destiny Dunn, Rebecca Gilman (Spinning Into Butter), Derek Gregor & Selda Sahin (GRIND), Lauren Gunderson (I and You), Harvey, Kenn Hopkins Jr., Greg Kotis (Urinetown), Jenni Lamb, Craig Lucas (Prelude to a Kiss, Light in the Piazza), Douglas Lyons (Chicken and Biscuits), Leah Maddrie, Alex Moggridge (The Boatman), Eliana Pipes, Emilio Rodriguez, Nandita Shenoy (Washer/Dryer), Harrison David Rivers (Broadbend, Arkansas), Josh Wilder (Wrong River,) as well as University of Michigan Flint student playwrights Taylor Boes, David Guster, Olivia Maxwell-Cook, Andrea Orpinel and Enrique Vargas.


The 25 short audio plays will be available for audience members to listen to for free on the PixelStix mobile app on their phone or listening device as they visit the murals around Flint from June 5 through August 31 as well as online at FlintRep.org. The project will also feature free outdoor community events all around the city with guided walking/trolley tours and live performances.


JUNE 5 – AUGUST 31 – Flint Mural Plays available to listen to on PixelStix mobile app, listening devices and Flint Rep website.

SATURDAY, JUNE 5, 12:00pm – Downtown Neighborhood Event (Blackstone’s Alley, Downtown)

SATURDAY, JUNE 12, 12:00pm – Carriage Town Neighborhood Event (Flint Hard Cider Company, Carriage Town)

SATURDAY, JUNE 19, 12:00pm – North Side Neighborhood Event (MLK Mural, North Side

SATURDAY, JUNE 26, 12:00pm – East Side Neighborhood Event (Latinx Center, East Side)