Roberto Seminario, is a realism graffiti artist. 


He was born in Lima, Peru on December 28, 1984. He grew up with his parents and brother in the historic Pueblo-Libre district where he began his first jobs as a graffiti artist.


He began to paint at the age of 17 because of the desire to be in the streets, sharing with his neighbors and friends. From a very young age, he always loved playing in his neighborhood, learning from the people in his community. He practiced skateboarding for a long time, becoming his main hobby and favorite activity. The constant injuries did not take long to arrive and he had to find another way to occupy his time away from home so that he could continue to share and learn from his friends and neighbors. This is how his Adventure in Graffiti art begins.


His works in Graffiti de Realismo highlight children, where Roberto focuses on the message of innocence and purity. A clear and main message for the artist.


 Over time Sef’s name has evolved from wild-style Graffiti to Realism Graffiti and his mission is to convey those art concepts and ideas in a direct way. He has connected spray painting to realism in Graffitti in such a way that it has ended up being his personal art style, a style that has led him to paint in 24 countries around the world. His goal is to connect with communities and urban art to leave the legacy of his work and ideas around the world.

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