Forest Traveler


journey in a forest

Breeze whispered between emerald trees

leaves crunched under shoes

Rain’s crisp scent tinged the air


stumbled upon a village

mushroom houses built a town

gnomes emerged to offer baked goods

fairies’ winged greeting flew by


flowers carved a path

glowed in night’s approaching darkness

bonfire circled in its center

city hearts warmed by its flames


and dusk sets on the horizon

when fireflies come out to play

magic in the village dies down

Sun disappears under Cloud’s blue shade


stars populate the sky

constellations forming their bonds

Moon waves hello

helping guide the trail home


new friends never forgotten

forest traveler’s memories live on


By Allison Brown

Sebastián Oyarbide, known as “Seba Cener”, is a muralist from Tandil, Argentina. At the age of 16 he began his fondness for spray painting, beginning his first steps in graffiti and developing a marked interest in realism.


He seeks to challenge normal channels of thought through its inverted portraits and the use of human expression and emotions. Each piece is a transfer of energy from the artist to the work of art to the viewer that teaches people to look or think about things from a different perspective, or simply to appreciate the beauty of a situation as it is.

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