MAGE is a Peruvian born Miami raised graffiti artist, creator, entrepreneur. His murals can be seen around Miami from street walls to restaurants, various companies, hotels, you name it. His print work can catch your eye walking down the street or be seen on celebrities around the world. Bottom line, you can’t escape his creative mark. At a young age Mage found outlets to express his creativity from drawing to creative design.  At a age of 18 he started printing and selling t-shirts out of the trunk of his car, he would walk up and down the streets knocking door to door introducing himself and what he did. it was then when he realized the world was willing to hear, see and need what he had to offer and would eventually mold him in to the entrepreneur he is today.

Productivity Systems, Inc. 

Distributor of shelving & filing systems & supplies, document management & tracking software & office furniture

Located in Historic Carriage Town