The Welcoming Clairvoyance


Two eyes open. But the third remains closed, untouched, hidden in the conscious. While two eyes close, the third one awakens. A hum flows through my ears, my mind, my consciousness. Goodbye old me, and welcome the enlightened. The new. The one. Warmth covers my skin, my eyes, the eye, something I’ve never felt before. A new face forms, along with a new body, a new mind.


            By Anonymous

Sacramento artist Raphael Delgado creates art work linked to abstract-expressionism and abstract-impressionism, as well as strong cubistic qualities. He incorporates many styles and emotions to create an image from his memory or imagination.

Raphael’s art studio serves as a 2nd Saturday destination, and a gallery to purchase original art work and commission work. Raphael Delgado is an advocate for the Stanford Home for Children’s developing Art Therapy programs.