a Universal Language



Turns a Blind Eye,

To Your Appearance

To How You Carry Yourself .



Is a Double Edged Sword .

a Remedy 


Yet a Poison.

Passion Can Kill 

or Give Life.


Passion is Dangerous

Embracing Passion is a risk


Yet What are We Without It ?


By Dallas  Smith 

Mural Poems

The Power of Community

Good Beans Café Mural



The community is something that is good for many. It brings people together that would’ve maybe never interacted with each other without it. Communities can be very diverse, having all types of people. I feel like it makes others happy when they see so many different types of people all being part of one big community. A community is a place where people share and are happy with each other.

Artist Pauly Everett’s workS, a mixed media mash-up of pop culture icons and comic book details are delivered in exuberant primary colors and a hip-hop street art flavor.   He calls his signature style “city psychedelic art,” and from his crowded, bright studio, Everett, has established himself not just as a maker of vivid canvases but also as a community-spirited benefactor of art for local kids and a fixture of downtown energy.

Located in Historic Carriage Town, The GBC is centrally located to serve the Downtown community, residents, and local university crowds. Many students from Kettering and UM-Flint visit the GBC for not only its great drinks and programming, but for study time and hanging-out with friends. Local community and national organizations frequently hold meetings at the Cafe for the same reasons! The GBC Anteroom is the home for awesome Flint City Theatre performances. The Good Beans Cafe is a pillar of the community and a focal point for the community.