i look myself in the mirror 

searching for something 

picking myself apart 

nagging at every insecurity 

destroying myself


i hear someone

screaming for my help 

i feel them 

tearing and ripping

my inside to pieces  

for so long i have ignored it


you have gone silent  

and it is so deadly 


are you there?

By Nevaeh Fearless

Artist Pauly Everett’s workS, a mixed media mash-up of pop culture icons and comic book details are delivered in exuberant primary colors and a hip-hop street art flavor.   He calls his signature style “city psychedelic art,” and from his crowded, bright studio, Everett, has established himself not just as a maker of vivid canvases but also as a community-spirited benefactor of art for local kids and a fixture of downtown energy.

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