OEG51 Crew made up of Flint artist trio Michael Cobley- Anthony (Tony) Reyes (Yarsini)- Charles Sharon, formed in high school, starting with Michael and Charles, with Tony joining just a couple years later. The crew started doing graffiti lettering, which sparked their passion for art. Michael took up drawing and practicing painting more detailed pieces after mastering the art of graffiti lettering, while working as a house painter during the day. Charles went on to study art and Tony worked at perfecting his skills as a graffiti writer and street artist. The crew has done several jobs with Gallery on the Go and Flint Public Art Project, including a mural on Court Street, Mott Park Club House, Flushing Rd, Lewis Street, along with several popup pieces like adding artwork to electrical boxes around the city. OEG51 Crew has assisted several visiting artists that have come to Flint, wall prep, and mural repairs.

The Chosen Few Arts Council works to fill the void in high quality arts instruction in the Flint area schools. The city of Flint has many talented people and rich cultural legacies that should be celebrated. Art education nurtures the values that are important to our community. The Chosen Few Arts Council’s proven track record of collaborating with artists, other nonprofit organizations, and schools in Flint, Michigan, positions it as a key player in the restoration of arts education in the City of Flint.