Nomad Clan is the collective of Cbloxx and AYLO, an internationally-acclaimed, street art muralist duo based in Manchester UK, proudly sponsored by Kobra Spray Paint.  

When the pair collaborate the fusion delivers an unmistakeable style. Each mural has a strong significance to the environment it sits in, combining playful scenes often from local heritage with detailed portraits of characters from some of the the tales they hear in the local public spaces. The main focus of the work is to proudly celebrate local history but on a deeper level often contains the socioeconomic issues effecting the area, for example the demise of the fishing industry, the closures of mills and lack of jobs, inner city social deprivation, etc. 


Nomad Clan have been noted as ‘One of street art’s finest female duos’ by Widewalls magazine the worlds largest street art online publication, as well as ‘Street arts hottest UK talent’ by Global Street Art blog and pegged as one of the top 5 female street artist in the world by The Guardian News Paper.

What caught my eye when I saw my mural was the word  “Flint “ and an old school car

And Nothing but thoughts and memories filled my brain 

And I couldn’t do anything but remember  

 And when I think of old school cars ,the thought of back to the bricks comes back into my mind

And when I think of back to the bricks, I think of downtown 

And when I think of downtown ,I think of flint

And when I think of flint, I think of  our water crisis dilemma 

But when I think of the water crisis, I think of all the absurd things people have said                

And when I think of all the horrible things people have said ,I try to forget

And when I try to forget the thoughts come right back.


By Danora Lewis 

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