Mural Artist: Neo3

Roberto Gutièrrez


(Mexico City, 1986) began to experiment independently and self-taught with drawing from a very young age, with influences from cartoons, Japanese animation, architecture, computing and graphic design. During his adolescence he begins to focus his work on the street using materials such as spray paint and / or markers, using graffiti as a language, developing graphics inspired by the computer and science fiction.


 His work is developed from compositional elements that are related in a geometric way to the abstract and the organic.


             Steps to a ^ African American Life


By Christian Ellison 


  • To live a good life as an African American don’t carry guns nerf guns in a playground


  • To live a good life as an African American, stay healthy and go on runs in your own neighborhood.
  • To live a good life as an African American, stay entertained but lock your doors.


This is what it takes to live a good African American life. But be careful, Tamir Rice was  sadly mistaken. Ahaud Arbery was a good man but he was sadly mistaken. Breonna Taylor, a wonderful woman, and sadly mistaken.