Murales Lian’s artwork takes a critical view of social, political and cultural issues while celebrating struggle and mutual aid. Often referencing current issues, his work explores the varying relationships between public/private space and fine art. Having engaged subjects as diverse as the refugee crisis, prisoner aid and feminist solidarity, his work reproduces familiar visual and aural signs, arranging them into new conceptually layered murals. While his public work is mostly grand scale pieces, he also enjoys the process inherent in small scale private commissions and in both cases his methodology is consistent. When working in public spaces, he tries to incorporate his murals within in the community, so much of public space is usurped from the public, (i.e. by advertising, bad city planning, propaganda etc.) and the goal of his artwork is to be part of the public sphere, to promote public discourse and make the Communities voice heard. This can be translated into workshops, visual images of the area being represented in the murals or simply communicating with a neighborhood before starting a piece.

Our home is Flint, Michigan – we began in a neighborhood east of downtown. Over the past four years our city has been rocked by a water crisis that should not have happened and has dominated almost every other Flint story. We have wrestled with documenting that story.  But we also have been trying to capture Flint’s other stories — all interconnected, many heart-wrenching, many suggesting evidence of resilience in struggle, all part of the truths of an American town both representative of iconic stories and yet inimitably idiosyncratic and often surprising.


We also live, observe, write, and  celebrate in a larger world.  After all, as Gary noted, “We all live east of somewhere.”  So, wherever you’re hailing from, we welcome you to our version of an electronic village.

Flint Street Art / Murals Tour – both walking and bike tours

Discover a new side of Flint through a colorful and thought-provoking tour experience! Bring your cameras for this adventure full of towering murals, hidden street art, and underground art history. You’ll also get an insider’s perspective on some of the city’s best street art during your time on the tour with us.

Bike tours (Sundays 12pm) will start and end downtown – Emily to confirm meeting location with you after you book.

Walking tours with Kady (Saturdays 12pm) will meet up on First Ave in Carriage Town at Good Beans before setting off on around Carriagetown and Downtown explore the largest concentration of murals in Flint painted by world-famous artists like Nomad Clan, Seba Cener, Senkoe, Slim, Emily Ding and get to know locally famous artists like Paulie Everett, Kevin “Scraps” Burdick, Krystal Cooke and Charlie Boike. By the end of the tour, you’ll probably know more about local art than most locals do! Every guest gets to take home a booklet containing the Instagram information of all the artists along the route.

NOTE: The walking tours are linear and will end at downtown restaurant Cork, not where we started in Carriagetown.