Expectations of the youth


Us as the youth put so much Trust in adults
because They’re adults.
And we have been Taught They know
What’s best.
But i realized Adults are just as
clueless as us sometimes.
They are putting on a face
To not show fear.
In march of 2020 Covid started
and things were Hectic in our country.
I started paying attention to Politics and

watching the news.
Listening to the Adults who run this Country
and the Citizens of this country i lost
Trust for all adults
I had the Realization that my
Opinions were just as Important as
I Learned it’s Important not to go off
Of someone’s word just because
They’re adults.
But to have your own opinions
And morals and stay grounded in them.
Don’t let your voice be Ignored because
Of how long you’ve been on earth.


By Angel Cotton

Ms.Yellow (Nuria Ortiz) is an international muralist, artist, craftswoman and jewelry maker. Born in Long Beach, Ca of Mexican descent, she has dedicated her life to the creative development and empowerment of community and youth through direct engagement. Her goal is to utilize her skill and knowledge to help bring people together using art as a therapeutic release. She has worked closely with schools, community centers, boys and girls clubs etc to develop workshops and mentorships for the youth. As a muralist Ms.Yellow has worked with communities to bring colorful murals with dreamy color schemes to the masses. Her works center on themes such as culture, sisterhood, education, unity, love and social justice. Her artwork and murals have been on display in museums, galleries, and streets throughout the United States and around the world such as Spain, France, Mexico and Egypt.

The American G.I. Form Flint Chapter established the Hispanic (Latinx, 2018) Technology & Community Center (LTCC) with the help of a federal grant and the support of Mott Community College. LTCC is located on the East side of Flint at 2101 Lewis St. This building was donated by Citizens Bank and was
rehabilitated with grant dollars procured by MCC in 2002. Programs available through LTCC include computer based educational services, bilingual instructions in English as a Second Language and Spanish as a Second Language, Spanish interpretation/translation services and other culture and educational youth programming.