Ms. Yellow Dort Hwy



Butterflies can’t see their own wings

After Jamaica Kincaid


When you finish those dishes I want you to help me cook, knowing how to cook is important because making your own food is something special, you know exactly what’s in it; Maybe we´ll   go see that movie that you love too, get popcorn and candy that you like so much; oh and your braids are gorgeous like one of them goddesses , my hair is nappy; remember,  always dress like a lady, people will look up to you and respect you, if you present yourself to be respected and

If you are respected you’ll find this bright aura around you that stands out; make sure if you don’t love anything, love yourself because if you can’t love yourself how can you love others? You are an amazingly powerful black women don’t you ever forget that, I don’t feel powerful; I really admire how well you carry yourself, like you emerged from a caterpillar to a butterfly.

I am smart, beautiful , and loving .



By Alaysia Gatewood

Ms.Yellow (Nuria Ortiz) is an international muralist, artist, craftswoman and jewelry maker. Born in Long Beach, Ca of Mexican descent, she has dedicated her life to the creative development and empowerment of community and youth through direct engagement. Her goal is to utilize her skill and knowledge to help bring people together using art as a therapeutic release. She has worked closely with schools, community centers, boys and girls clubs etc to develop workshops and mentorships for the youth. As a muralist Ms.Yellow has worked with communities to bring colorful murals with dreamy color schemes to the masses. Her works center on themes such as culture, sisterhood, education, unity, love and social justice. Her artwork and murals have been on display in museums, galleries, and streets throughout the United States and around the world such as Spain, France, Mexico and Egypt.

The Legacy Center Clubhouse is a program of Genesee Health System.  The Legacy Center  (formerly the Rainbow Connection) is  member of  Clubhouse Michigan.

The functions of Clubhouse Michigan are to: *Articulate positions on issues that affect the interest of adults with mental illness. *Educate and advise others throughout the state by clarifying the role of Clubhouses in the array of services offered through the mental health system. *Support the development of new ICCD Standards-based Clubhouses. *Collaborate with NAMI, USPRA, ICCD, MDCH, educational entities and other mental health organizations in the gathering, dissemination and utilization of outcome data as a measurement of accountability and effectiveness in best practices for Clubhouse model fidelity. *Facilitate the networking of clubhouses to function as a statewide coalition. *Work with MDCH to secure funding for the continuation and growth of Clubhouse services in keeping with the ICCD Standards. *Educate MDCH funders, other public and private organizations and managed care providers in Clubhouse philosophy and the importance of ICCD training and certification to promote best practices. *Collaborate statewide to advocate for relevant governmental policy change