Kayla Buium, the street artist known as Milkbox, is a muralist, illustrator and sculptor from Toronto, Canada. At a young age Buium began to define her style while living In Berlin, creating complex works that parodied the human race through her iconic character, the “Nuknuk”. These works were immediately well received, later debuting at The Letter Bet gallery in Montreal and featured in art publications such as “It’s Nice Magazine”. Buium has since branched out, using bright hues, limited colour palettes, grainy textures and bold lines to create simple yet visually pleasing works of art.

Having worked on many large scale public art projects, Buium is no stranger to street art. She has been an assistant to the painting of a twenty-three story mural with Spanish artist Okuda San Miguel, as well as to renowned Toronto street artist Jerry Rugg (aka Birdo). Her other projects include art installations for Camp Wavelength Music Festival two years in a row, and illustrations for clients such as Hullmark Movies, and Warner Brothers. Buium has also collaborated with Venezuelan Muralist Alfalfa, and painted murals independently for building owners in Toronto’s vibrant street art scene. In 2019 she donated a mural to the city of Flint, Michigan; Debuting her street artist moniker “Milkbox” alongside the project.

With growth the only natural course, Buium plans to continue painting murals on an international level, and is currently working on a graphic novel. She hopes that her vision of the world will make beautiful additions to her city, as well as inspire people to do more for themselves and the planet.