Words that don’t  d e f i n e me

by: Ashlyn Nicole

In a state of utter confusion

as I navigate 

a world that lacks color

a world that needs correction

my world needs correction

and yet all I can focus on is the

c h a o s

it’s the only thing that’s still

my hair stands on end,

my words tend to scramble

My brain untangles and

a n x i e t y 

is the offender

only I can fight the demons 

that chase me

that make it their mission to discard of me

that ultimately defeat me

apparently only I can see how

l o n e l y 

I am

after all this time I’ve

wasted trying to hold onto 

things that tethered me here

things that should’ve made my date

you would think that by now

someone would’ve noticed my 

s t r u g g l e

I’ve had trouble this whole time 

trying to find myself

they look back and tell me I’m strong

right after they whispered about my cowardice

they seem to notice me

beyond my mask

beyond outward appearance

they call me brave for 

p e r s e r v e r i n g 

I call them brave for lying

Mariela AJRAS  (Buenos Aires, 1984)  is an internationally-acclaimed muralist from Buenos Aires, Argentina. Her work mainly focuses on the image of women, the question about femininity and collective memory. A psychologist as well as an artist, this background influences greatly her work in terms of subject matter and also in the execution of community-oriented workshop that uses muralism as a social tool.

Public Art review’s latest edition has chosen her as one of the representatives of the female artists’ movement in South America.

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