Childhood Innocence


As a child you’re shielded from the world


From the very beginning, protection from this world


Parents feared for our safety, hoping we make it home daily


Mom never lets you out the house, in that blouse


You don’t understand so you change


You’re not allowed to watch that t.v show, it’s inappropriate


Avoid strangers, “we don’t speak to people we don’t know”


Until one day you aren’t anymore


You walk with keys in your hand, you don’t know who is around



The man down the street hollered at you



A boy at school touches your arm in a weird way


You now realize what they want to protect you from


Not from everything, but from the dangerous things



Things that take your innocence away, things that will take your life away




Born in Argentina, Magdalena Marcenaro has lived in New York City for more than a decade. Working with photography and mixed media, Marcenaro forms deeply textured, often ferocious, narratives joining nostalgic images with sudden, emotional moments. Her aim is to inspire dialogue about personal experience and prompt a thoughtful pause in the roller coaster of life. Her work, often deeply textured, exposes vulnerability joined with sudden ferocity, and nostalgia linked to sudden joy.

Macenaro toys with both popular and religious iconography through photography, silkscreen, oil pastels, collage, and spray paint, with an eye to giving each piece an organic, poetic end form. Topics included beauty, consumerism, and romance, all connected by a desire to provoke conversation between different cultures and question the false ideas espoused in an overloaded mass media market.


There is power in the both juxtaposition of media and juxtaposition of individual pieces in Marcenaro’s oeuvre. Marcenaro has shown in Buenos Aires, New York and Miami, including her solo exhibition at Gowanus Print Lab, group shows at the Scope Foundation, The Brooklyn Waterfront Artists Coalition, and The Urban Folk Art Gallery. Some of her commissioned murals clients include The Nu Hotel , The Vault – Miami and Gowanus Print Lab.

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