I am Kyle “RISE” Irving, and I am a Detroit artist. 


The finished product is not the only story told by my work.


The layers of ink and paint build upon one other to create an in-depth image with a sense of movement and fluidity.  Each piece embodies bold and bright brush strokes that keep the viewer’s eyes excitedly entranced.


I began as a college student using charcoal and pencils, then dove into the world of graffiti and spray paint, and eventually fused all these techniques together into a style that I have dubbed “Hooligan Art”. 


As an artist, I do not like to stay stagnant; I try to push, move and constantly evolve. This is how you achieve greatness.


Here I am, to RISE above.

Krystal Jo’s Diner is a Flint staple serving an all American menu with hearty portions. Locally owned and operated, Krystal Jo’s holds an annual bike drive collecting new and used bicycles to be refurbished and donated to kids in the community it serves.