Koctel’s art takes us to a tropical universe where fruits acquire humanity and become the main characters in a fantasy play. In this refreshing atmosphere we are overwhelmed by a holiday mood where the colorful and fresh joy of life is a constant.

The biggest source of inspiration for Koctel comes from the region he grew up in: Andalucía (Spain), home of the orange trees. By collecting all the flavors, smells and colors that are characteristic to fruits, combined with the gained experience from all his travels, he shows the spectator an exciting new world showered in a certain juicy coolness.


For several years, Koctel has been working as a painter and decorator to earn a living. Although now, he is slowly focusing his attention to the creation of murals in the public space all over the world to get his bread (or should we say basket of fruits?) on the table.

The Food Bank of Eastern Michigan serves as a common solicitor storehouse and distributor of food on behalf of its Partner Agencies which are non-profit, charitable organizations serving those in need. The Food Bank is a 501(c)3 organization.