The delicious attack



What could be said about something so beautiful

Something so fruitful

Something so useful

You walk past this lavish masterpiece

And can’t help but think of it’s artistry

It’s casually pointing to the deep points of this canvas

But is not reminded of those who couldn’t stand it

This piece is not just a coincidence

This piece is evident it was heaven sent

This is so delicious and nutritious…. Looking

My brain is going a mile an hour, while my mouth is booking a flight to paradise





By Joshua Gibbs Baker

Koctel want to transport us to a tropical universe where fruits acquire humanity and become the main characters. In this refreshing atmosphere we can found a summer mood where a colorful and fresh feeling of joy are permanent.


Raised in Sevilla,(Andalucia,Spain) the city of the orange trees where he took the main inspiration for his art work. He collects all the flavors, smells and colors presents in all the places where he been traveling.


Based in Madrid (Spain) actually he is focused in the public scene doing murals around the world and keeping alive the streets with his bright colors.

The Food Bank of Eastern Michigan serves as a common solicitor, storehouse and distributor of food to member non-profit and charitable organizations in 22 counties.


Once food arrives at the Food Bank, it is sorted, inspected and made available to partner agencies such as churches, soup kitchens, and food pantries to distribute to those in need.  All Food Bank partner agencies are required to distribute food, without charges or fees, to needy clients.