A book is a door


to another world.

a door that leads to places

where you can dream

of going on adventures

where magic is real.

where the Jolly Roger sets sail

where pigs talk to spiders

Where the Wild Things Are.

when you want to go

somewhere            different

           somewhere            amazing           

somewhere            magical

books lie on shelves

covers closed

hiding worlds for you to explore.


Poem by Jacob Mathews

Mural “Magic of a Book” by Kevin Burdick

Born in Flint MI, Scraps first attended Mott Community College, were he studied basic art. At that point he realized art would be his profession. He was later accepted to the Art Institute of Pittsburgh where he studied Animation and Illustration. He quickly realized that animation involved too much digital art and not enough of the classic pencil and paper, which fueled his passion. 

After his professional training, he started experimenting with different mediums, including Airbrushing. His first opportunity to airbrush professionally was at T-Rods in Flint MI, then on to partner with Psycho Customs in Bay City MI. With years of professional training and experimenting with different mediums. He has provided the highest level of art that can be seen throughout Genesee County. His work is can be found displayed on the interior walls of the LEER & Flint City Hard Cider Co in Flint, MI.

The Flint Public Library is the public library serving Flint, Michigan. It was founded in 1851, and its current building on the Flint Cultural Center campus was built in 1958. It has hosted the Michigan Storytellers Festival since 1981 and the Julia A. Moore Poetry Contest (to celebrate bad poetry) since 1994. During the Flint water crisis, the library played a key role supporting the community, and in the aftermath it partnered with StoryCorps to create oral history interviews of residents’ experiences.

The Flint Public Library’s collections document the City of Flint and Genesee County, local African-American history and literature, and genealogy. It also offers a Michigan Collection and an Automotive History Collection. The library has furthermore been designated a Federal Depository Library for government publications, maintains microfilm copies of The Flint Journal, and provides collections for both children and teenagers.