We Are Strong

enough to endure our hardships

We Are Strong

enough to still live through a water crisis,

We Are Strong

enough to work through the exodus of most GM factories.

 We Are Strong

enough to deal with the economic downfall that came with the previous challenges.


this persistence is one of the main reasons we declare ourselves as Flint Strong.

we understand that we have been wronged by those above us.

from our governor who knew about the Flint water crisis.

to factories moving to places where they can exploit people for less money.


you seldom go more than a few weeks without hearing that dreaded sound of gunshots.


the sound of nightmares, of questions rushing through your head.

“do I know them?”

“were those fireworks?”

“will they care?”

they are the people at both ends of the gun.

both wishing to get out, both of these wishes granted.


By Nick Crawley

Flint Strong..         

How will they know you’re Flint Strong?

By the 810 tattoo on your chest? Tattoos hurt right?

To get something tatted means you got the best strength?

Not only the best strength you  Flint strong you 810 strong—-

but a tattoo is an understatement when compared to flint strong.

Let’s talk about Flint and what we been through

Flint water crisis…

A moment where all who had flint water couldn’t use their water.

But how does the flint water scandal let everyone know you flint strong?

you need water to live,clean,cook but that was missin.

Perhaps it does say something about strength among the flint community—

It says we adapted even when we were pledged against

They must’ve forgot we flint strong but we all know who was wrong about us…shhhhh-

But we can’t just put infected water near a mario life shroom next to it–to show we strong

Maybe look at who helped us during this struggle we had to live thru The Detroit Tigers was a big part of it  wait what, tigers—-Tigers are strong, the Detroit Tigers came to flint to make sure we strong it was a blessing amongst us made people look up to the gods

Represent what came thru and tried to push us up

But let’s represent them with respect and a sign of hope

magical blue eyes and white fur like an elder god maybe similar to their uniform

Lifting us up tryna remind us of our strength—Make a difference

We Flint Strong the type of strong you would only wish fo——-as your own memory


By Edris Brown 

Born in Flint MI, Scraps first attended Mott Community College, were he studied basic art. At that point he realized art would be his profession. He was later accepted to the Art Institute of Pittsburgh where he studied Animation and Illustration. He quickly realized that animation involved too much digital art and not enough of the classic pencil and paper, which fueled his passion. 

After his professional training, he started experimenting with different mediums, including Airbrushing. His first opportunity to airbrush professionally was at T-Rods in Flint MI, then on to partner with Psycho Customs in Bay City MI. With years of professional training and experimenting with different mediums. He has provided the highest level of art that can be seen throughout Genesee County. His work is can be found displayed on the interior walls of the LEER & Flint City Hard Cider Co in Flint, MI.

This mural is the result of the creative energy of artist “Scraps”, and our sponsors and partners listed below. The vision for this mural was to have a place in our community to honor and celebrate our 2020 Graduating Jaguars and our Flint School community.
The mural has five PixelStix chips embedded in to it with messages   by Flint Southwestern & Students

Mural Sponsors/Partners
Flint Public Art Project 
Artist: Kevin Burdick
Flint Community Education Initiative
Flint Community Schools
Sovita Credit Union
Education Foundation for the Flint Community Schools