I am a multimedia artist. My main focus are murals and projects with social impact.

My works are always social orientated. In particular, I have been leading and cooperating in several projects together with marginalized communities around the world. I paint on walls and on canvas, I create art installations, sound installations and sound and video documentaries.

In my works, I immortalize daily life’s scenes inside the urbanity. I underline what we hide behind the mask: feelings, emotions and fragility. My goal is to inspire and to create reflection about the way we live in modern society.

In my social art projects, I create an empathic bond with the community and I use art to get a social impact, and with the right conditions, a social change. In order to get it, I collaborate with local organizations and governments.


We a family own and operated organization that realized a need in the City of Flint with community outreach and youth having positive mentors and activities to do free with their families.  Our journey began as cleaning up a neighborhood park so that our own children could have safe place to play. It continued to seeing hungry children at the park and grilling hot dogs to feeding them.  Looking to be a part of the solution to the City of Flint instead of part of the problem.

We eventually was spotted by KGCB and in 2014, we adopted Windiate Park on Milton Drive.