6AM Cartoon


When I look into you all my worries disappear.Poof!You take my hand and lead me back to my warm and happy inner child.Zap!I sit in front of your screen and the door to my younger self takes me back in time.Suddenly I know all the theme songs and catch phrases with no problem like I’m still seven year old me watching you with a fork and pancakes.The bright colors from the screen bring joy to me.Pop!I can take you anywhere with me along with a charger and a blanket.Vroom!You’re the reason I don’t mind getting up at 6AM  in the morning as you teach me shapes,life lessons and all the rest you have to offer to me.

Pop!                 Boom!!!                  Splat!

                 Crash!!                               Zap!!          Poof!                            Vroommm!

All the sounds go ear to ear earning giggles from me as my smile goes left to right.Bing!I can be anything in the world I want when I’m with you.Thank you for always being able to unlock a happy core memory of my childhood.


By Mia Thomas

Joshua Ellingson is a commercial artist specializing in illustration for books, websites, posters, and merchandise. When he’s not making art for clients, you can find him posting about vintage thrift store finds, highly adoptable rescue dogs, or exploring the history and intricacies of just about anything.


“I enjoy sharing my art and process with others. When I can, I post about my experiments with new tools or obscure technologies for making stuff. I teach art students how to make art with computers and explain what a future as a working artist might be like for them too. As a professional illustrator-for-hire , I’ve worked with many companies and organizations to produce projects in various mediums. I’ve made murals about astronomy in deepest Austria and t-shirt designs for robotics competitions in Tokyo. Living as a working artist has made these strange opportunities and unique client relationships possible. I look forward everyday to more interesting adventures.”


Factory Two is a community makerspace located in the heart of downtown Flint, Michigan. Factory Two is built on the idea that learning, sharing, and creating are empowering and transformative forces which can open doors and revolutionize both perceptions and realities.

Factory Two provides tools, equipment and training. In less than a year we have built a dedicated membership who experience the joy of learning, the excitement of crafting with their own hands, and the satisfaction of being part of a larger community of makers.

Accessing cutting edge technology like 3D printers and drones, and time-honored tradition in the wood and metal shops. Making items as delicate as jewelry, or as durable as iron worked on a coal fired forge. Our members are small business owners, students, artists, emerging entrepreneurs, crafters, neighbors, retirees and more.