Johnny "Five" Fletcher

Born and raised in Flint, Michigan, Johnny Fletcher found his passion for the arts from one of his elementary school art teachers. His love for drawing inspired him to pursue a career in the tattoo industry.  Ten years later Johnny has mastered the art of tattooing, creating a name for himself as one of Michigan’s top portrait driven tattoo artists. His attention to detail has allowed him to recreate tattoo images of some of Hollywood’s most famous legends, from Mac Miller to Betty White. Over his career, Johnny has enjoyed creating hundreds of tattoos and has traveled all over, sharing his work love for the art.

The year 2006 sparked Johnny’s love and admiration for street art after being invited to participate in a Graffiti Show at the Flint Institute of Art and Red Inc. Gallery in Flint. His canvas and tattoo work created a new desire to create large scale murals and share his art with the world. When Flint Public Art Project created a mural program in his hometown, Johnny jumped on the chance to become part of the organization’s local mural crew and begin his journey as a mural artist. In 2022 Johnny was accepted into his first festival, the Free City Mural Festival, painting alongside several well-known artists from across the globe.