. . . . To Exhale

Close Your Eyes

Do you hear the whistling of the leaves and or how the gentle breeze tickles you face, Empty you mind into nature 

Focus On Your Breathing

Don’t Think

Now what do you see a calming sunset, a mother and father crane taking a break from their children to revisit their younger days while peacefully flying and enjoying eachothers company, taking a break from their lives

Now Open Your Eyes And Look At The Image, What Do You See

Do you see a sea lion or do you see multiple fish flying in their schoalings 

Now Look At The Image One More Time 

Now Close Your Eyes And Just 



By Paris Lathon

Joe Miller received his MFA from the University of Chicago in 2008, where he worked with Catherine Sullivan and Theaster Gates on a number of multi-media and public projects. His own work consists primarily of large-scale mural projects in both domestic and public venues throughout Chicagoland.  

As 2010 artist-in-residence at Chicago’s High Concept Laboratories, Miller had a solo show entitled Browntown, a multi-media series on the city working critically with the same brown paint used to efface urban graffiti. During his residency he also collaborated with J. Thomas Pallas and the students of East St, Louis’ Unity Elementary on The UNITY Project, an ongoing series of paintings, videos, and multi-media installations supporting the developmental and civic strategies of the school. Group shows include “Heads on Poles” at Western Exhibitions (2011) and “Arte no es Fácil” at Links Hall (2011).

Recent public works include “Philosophers,” a privately-commissioned street project depicting portraits of Freud and Nietzsche in Chicago’s Humboldt Park, as well as murals and installations for Threadless, Akira, and Odd Obsession. Miller has also created murals for Spy Bar and Market Rooftop Bar, and his commemorative and interactive projects for the venue The Empty Bottle are ongoing.

In 2011, Miller art directed Apolo y Jacinto (Mozart’s Apollo and Hyacinth) at the Téatro National in Panama City. His commercial forays into art direction also include set design for Chicago’s Lollapalooza, North Coast and Wavefront music festivals, set and costume design for Hood Internet, and album cover art for Art Department and Soul Clap.

Miller is based in Panama, New York, and Chicago; as well, he is very involved in holding workshops and speaking on public art practices. Miller also volunteers his time to engage with urban youth throughout the Midwest on collaborative mural projects.

Our Mission is to unite all downtown interests consisting of governmental agencies, education, business, and charitable institutions in a broad-based coalition.

We aim to:

• Support existing businesses and encourage entrepreneurial development in the downtown Flint business district.
• Enhance the public infrastructure and improve aesthetics.
• Increase downtown residency.
• Develop downtown into an attractive area for business, employment, and entertainment.
• Improve and revitalize the downtown district.

The basic goal of the Flint Uptown Reinvestment Strategy is that many small, locally-based initiatives and decisions will, over time incur sustainable and significant improvements for downtown without the need for massive, single-project developments.

The URC commissioned the help of Sasaki Associates, Inc. to develop a reinvestment strategy for downtown Flint.  The strategy identifies the specific actions and projects that can be accomplished individually, while collectively contributing to an implementation framework for the regeneration of downtown Flint. The strategy will encourage dialogue, discussion and a committed vision for the future of the downtown Flint area. It is key to note that the community will play a vital role in determining which actions and projects will be given priority or be implemented as identified by the strategy.