Star Trek (s2 e1) Disguised as a Love Poem

After Matthew Olzmann


So here’s what I got: reasons why we work as partners. As parents. As lovers. As friends.


Because you’re gregarious and love mixing music in a club while people dance all night, while I, the classic introvert, prefer tweeting with Rose.


Because you grew up in the nordic Midwest with great plains, lefse, and lakes, and I in the city, or close enough that I can get away with saying it’s where I’m from, how I live, and where I learned to love.


Because you’re interested in electric and magnetic fields and I just trust the toaster to work.


Because you belt off songs off tune and not just in the shower, but play Alanis for me exactly when I need her.


Because you want to understand the speed of light, and want me to also, while I just enjoy driving over the speed limit.


Because you read the book I gave you the first time we met, actually read it, and then had to return it to me like I had planned all along.


Because you never imagined being a parent until it happened and immediately craved a full house, and I knew I never wanted to be 1 but math is true i+1=2 +4=family.


Because you work from a recipe, every time, and although it drives you mad that I just throw stuff together, you still eat it. And sometimes smile that it worked out for me. For us.


And because as I fall asleep quickly, seamlessly, reading each night, you take my glasses off without waking me,

your insomnia inviting you to watch a little longer,

and when I wake to Spock’s voice in the middle of the night

the one that finally lulled you to sleep,

I, too, feel home.


By Carrie Mattern

J Muzacz is from Houston, Texas and is currently based in Austin. Graduating with a degree in Sociology from the University of Texas, Muzacz has a keen eye on community dynamics developing cultural relevance in his public works.

Muzacz has taught Urban Painting and Street Art classes through the City of Austin’s Totally Cool Totally Art teen program for four years, mentored the Caminos mural painting and mosaic making interns at the Mexican American Cultural Center for the last two years, and has been developing unique art curriculum and teaching for Skybridge Academy for three years, an alternative junior and high school setting in Dripping Springs.

In personal work, he is developing his iconic stained-glass painting technique in both large-scale mosaic murals and smaller gallery and commission works, as well as experimenting with various media including neon and LED lighting, acrylic and MDF sculptural works, glass mosaic art and other permanent installation processes. Recent notable shows include The People’s Gallery 2018-2020 at Austin City Hall,  Art on 5th 2019 Contemporary Texas Exhibition, and a ground-breaking large-scale solo exhibition titled “Stained Slabs” at the Dougherty Arts Center

Over the last 15 years, Muzacz has worked internationally, teaching and working odd jobs alongside mural painting in Korea, Thailand, Vietnam, Japan, Taiwan, Australia and New Zealand to name a few. Through this rigorous work/travel lifestyle, the artist has amassed an impressive portfolio of large-scale walls and commissions for numerous businesses, residences and high-profile spaces in the public sector and is now uniquely poised to install dynamic, informed, site-specific artwork for a diversity of clients and spaces.

In 2013, Muzacz published a book while living on Ishigaki Island in Okinawa. Life Is Sweet: The Story of a Sugarcane Field is a 60-page, full-color, bilingual (English & Japanese) children’s story teaching the appreciation of nature and the value of a hard day’s work. Muzacz’s impressive 432-page debut, JAPAN 365: A Drawing-A-Day Project (2012) which includes 365 ball pen drawings completed in 2011, is also available in print and for sale online.