The Thoughts Of An Old Man

The worries of the world I wear on my face

I worry about the day that I will take my last breath

I wonder if it will be painless

Or if it will be very painful

I think of dying almost everyday

I always think about if one day

 I will be doing something useful

Then I will just fall over and die

I think about how I made it all these years

And how I am not ready to go yet

But then I think to myself  how if it is my time to go

Then that probably mean it is time for me to go

I also wouldn’t mind leaving this world

Because I know I have lived a very fulfilling life

And how I lived my life to the fullest

And that when the time comes

 for me to leave this world

I would understand

that a new generation will come

And make a huge

impact in this world

I know that I will have to make room

In order for the next generation to

Start making a change in the world

 I know that I have to be ready

For when the time comes for me to go

Life is too short to be mad at each other

I have learned many lessons in my life

Life doesn’t have to be terrible

It’s your life, so why not make it exciting

Why not make your life worth living

Don’t dwell on the things you don’t have

Instead appreciate the things you do have

By: Anonymous



Jayemaich is an American street artist born in New Jersey who grew up in Brooklyn, NY and currently resides in Miami, FL. Jay’s artwork is based on empowering characters and creating a story-line with metaphorical content. Inspiration for his pieces often comes from the communities the artwork serves while having a global theme attached to the underlying message of empowerment.

Jay uses gray-scale in his work to invoke a more dramatic effect while also noting that the work can be complimented by surrounding aesthetics.

Sister Claudia Burke Center for Hope

In a city that helped build America, hope is often in short supply. Jobs are scarce – violence, illiteracy, and crime are prevalent. Young people are being raised in an environment of poverty and despair.  Anxiety, joblessness and poverty – all contributors to depression and domestic violence – are destroying families. Clearly, help is needed. For many, the Center for Hope is the beginning of a new path to recovery, offering access to counseling and mental health services, substance use treatment and recovery, housing assistance and referrals for food and furniture. The Center for Hope offers just that – hope for each new day that comes.