What No One Sees

When I look at it

I see a reflection

The child portrays happiness

But then those eyes

Those eyes say the opposite

They say the eyes are a window to your soul

I’m looking at the eyes

And I see pain 

I see crippling depression

I see myself

I see myself in the eyes

I see myself in the pain

I see the facade of a happy life

When I look at it 

I see a reflection 

And when I look at it

I realize how far I let myself go

And when I look at it 

I realize just how real the pain feels

When I walk away 

I know I need help 

I just don’t know who will truly listen.


By: Anonymous

What I love most about painting is that its been around for literally thousands years and it never goes stale. The act of being an artist doesn’t change, but rather the external influences that impact the arts do. The creative process gets passed down from generation to generation maintaining its integrity. It is the burden of each new class of artist to use these lessons to adapt to the current challenges on their world. Our job is to honor and reflect the giants before us upon whose shoulders we stands, and to make enough of a contribution to the conversation of painting to inspire the next wave of creative youth. What defines each new era of artist is how well we can carry that touch, and take it to places never seen before.

I’ve spent time art school studios and on railway train cars, and I try to remember what I’ve learned from both when making art. The beautiful thing is as an artist actually have access to both all of art history and what other artist are up to today. We are in a profound moment in the development of mural painting. Not just aerosol paint, but the ability to be connected with other muralist all over the world in real time. How can you not be inspired when you see the stuff coming from people like Emily Ding, Kevin Burdick, or Nomad Clan? I’m just grateful that with the Flint Public art Project this hurricane of talent made a stop in my city. My job now is to try to catch up with these guys.