How FLINTS Stone´d Heals

After: Clint Smith

  1.  Roll up a fat backwood and find a spot to chill
  2. Take a hit if you have ever been racially profiled
  3. Take a hit if you have ever been pulled over because the car you are driving was too nice
  4. Take a hit if you have ever been put down
  5. Take a hit if you have ever been let down
  6. Take a hit if you have heard ¨You from FLINT? Ain’t that the place with the dirty water?¨
  7. Take a hit if you have asked to go party and ya moms put you through hell and back before she gave you a definite ¨no¨
  8. Take a hit if you turned down a local party in fear of it getting shot up
  9. Take a hit if you have ever had to move from your neighborhood because it’s always getting hit
  10. Roll up another and take a hit if_________

By: Earl Dixon II

Since 2001, INDECLINE has used street art, film, and guerrilla performance art to expose injustices carried out by both corporations and government agencies, using a combination of satire and parody. The anonymous, activist collective is by far the most widely-publicized group currently operating in the US. With the 2020 election looming, INDECLINE’s voice is more vital than ever. 

INDECLINE has represented a multi-faceted movement, finding new ways to expose truth and provoke critical thought in the maelstrom of propaganda that is modern living.  Risk, guerrilla tactics and extreme logistical challenges are the main ingredients in the INDECLINE recipe. As a result, actions have often gone viral, eventually receiving international press, and, in the process, inspiring countless other activists and artists to create their own projects and stunts.


Operating as a not-for-profit collective since its inception, INDECLINE has been resourceful in effectively making noise on small budgets, as all money is raised from selling art and merchandise on their website. They have contributed thousands to keeping the national conversation honest.  And they have contributed thousands more to charitable organizations that fight using more traditional methods.