Flint Mural


In love,                                                                            Racing heart, not knowing

my mind runs                                                                 whether to fear or

toward demise                                                               embrace it


Something is wrong                                                    Feeling so wrong, 

Something is always                                                      so it’s probably 

wrong                                                                              right


Is that what                                                                    Is that what                          

this is?                                                                             this is?


I loathe it                                                                        I adore it


So scared to try,                                                            Hoping for the best,

yet longing for a                                                            finding all of the reasons

reason to be                                                                   reasons to be



By Anonymous

Hokzyn is a visual artist from Mexico who primarily uses the technique of stencil combined with mixed media as tools to bring her ideas down to the physical world, choosing the street as her favorite scenario to perform.


“I love the interaction between what´s so-called art and the streets. I create for the people and to the people, I like to communicate the way that I perceive all that´s going on around me and make my work available to everybody without restrictions”.