Rotting vehicle city



Please save me I’ve never left but I’m dying

You may have never seen me

But I’ve always been crying

Bring me back I’m trying but at the same time I’m crying

The only thing anyone ever sees is the joyful spirit

 I show to show that I’m trying but the entire time I’ve been lying to you to my mother to my country and now the only thing I can do is talk about

How I’m dying

This whole time I have been waiting and watching making happy faces appear everywhere

I really am trying to help everyone but for some reason, nobody even gives me a second thought about how I’m slowly being lost
If anyone was trying to help me maybe I would be able to notice how I’m really not dying just trying to escape from a deep void.

So please help as I have asked before I’m trying to stop crying

All I’m doing is trying to do good but sometimes I feel as if there is no escape and there will never be an escape.

As if we could help prevent the rot

We’ll always keep rotting

Maybe one day if we did enough plotting

We wouldn’t have to stop trying