Value + Ruin – Art Walk – September 2012

Sep. 14, 2012

2nd St. and Saginaw St., Downtown Flint, MI

How can abandoned buildings and vacant land recover value when traditional economic development tools fail? In Flint and in cities around the country, residents have turned the devaluation of property into opportunities for new uses, values, and ways of living in the city.

Join a panel of architects and historians from Toronto, Buffalo, and Detroit to look at the creative transformation of space.

Sept Artwalk

Architect Andrew Perkins will discuss his new book Dwelling on Waste, on his recovery of a vacant home in Buffalo, and his work with the Carriage Town Historic Neighborhood Association to convert an abandoned house into a cooperative arts center, using sustainable and salvaged materials.

Andrew Herscher, co-founder of Detroit Unreal Estate Agency, will discuss his new book The Unreal Estate Guide to Detroit, about how the ready availability of urban space in Detroit has allowed for experimentation, invention and new possibilities.

Urban researcher Etienne Turpin will present his research on labor movements in Pittsburgh, Chicago, and Detroit, and consider how monuments in those cities neutralize their radical histories.

With sound and video projections by District VII, a Detroit studio focused on art and technology.

About the Spacebuster:

The Spacebuster is a mobile inflatable structure designed by Raumlabor in 2009 and commissioned by Storefront for Art and Architecture to transform public spaces of all kinds into points for community gathering.




Storefront for Art and Architecture has kindly loaned the Spacebuster for this event.