“BLACKANDLINE” at Unusual Operation Operation

Jan. 17, 2014

Stone Street Residency, 605 Stone St., Flint, MI 48502

Unusual Operation Operation opened its doors with the first show BLACKANDLINE, an exhibition whose title hinted at the basic fundamentals of art education. The use of black, white, and line are the building blocks from which new art students expand. Black and white are the first pigments that students are taught to use, along with the most simplistic and also the most complicated forms of art, the use of line.

Installation: Stewart//Montague
Sound Performance: Ryan Gregory, Hannah Kovalchek & Aaron Griffin.
Lines: Tamra Klaty
Hand-Crafted Tastes: Christopher Reynolds




When: Fri. Jan 17, 2014
Where: Stone Street Residency, 605 Stone St., Flint, MI 48502

About Unusual Operation Operation

A space for experimentation. All types of creators, whether they are artists, musicians, performers, or writers, have special things about the way they work that don’t get showcased because there’s no space for it.

Creators do so much work that the viewer never sees in the final product. There’s beauty in the process that, most of the time, is never thought of as valuable. All of the mixed colors on a paint pallet, scribbled thoughts on notebook paper, piles of sawdust, and the messy kitchen after a long day of baking all get cleaned up, but in those messes and mistakes are the beauty of the process.

Unusual Operation Operation is a place for creators of all types to show their work and the steps they had to take along the way.


Candice Stewart

Cinthia Montague-Kuzma