Summer Volunteer Meeting + The Pruitt-Igoe Myth Screening

Fri. June 12, 7 - 10 pm

520 University Ave. Flint, MI

Come to the backyard of Spencer’s Art House on Friday, June 12 at 7 pm for a public meeting to coordinate planning of the Art House, Stone Street painting, and the David Philpot mosaic. FPAP is collecting tiles, stones, broken mirrors, and mementos to be incorporated in the mosaic, and afterward screening The Pruitt-Igoe Myth, a riveting documentary on the modernist St. Louis public housing complex designed by Minoru Yamasaki, demolished in 1972. Interviews with residents and archival footage expose the compelling story of its initial success and eventual demise, revealing the hidden story of what really doomed a modernist icon.

Meeting: 7 – 8 pm
Potluck: 8 – 9 pm
Screening: 9 – 10:30 pm