“String” at Stone Street Residency

Feb. 21, 2014

605 Stone St., Flint, MI 48506

Join Unusual Operation Operation for its February show STRING, highlighting the everyday use of the material. Yarn, twine, rope, extension cords and other types of string will be used to fashion a collaborative installation by Stewart//Montague with Lindsay Decker and Cameron Winn, who will also be doing an interactive piece. In addition Brooke Vander Gronden will be displaying a patterned string installation. Our culinary artist, Lekha Rock, will be serving a brilliant explosion of color featuring tantalizing tandoori chicken with a bright bespeckled chutney, a rainbow of fruit atop white chocolate and green tea tarts, a bell pepper menagerie with an edamame hummus and a lemon zest garnish. A scintillating spread of hors d’oeuvres, and a feast for your eyes! The night will also feature a sound performance by Tyler Rigdon.

New this month will be a separate transformation installation by Samantha Maxson. Using only cardboard, Maxson takes over a room in the house with a piece called Stop Making Sense based on a short story she wrote about Calvin and his giant orange.

Install: Stewart//Montague, Cameron Winn and Lindsay Decker
Images: Lindsay Decker with Everyday Dreads
Strings: Brooke Vander Gronden
Tastes: Lekha Rock
Sounds: Tyler Rigdon
Transform: Samantha Maxson

A suggested donation of $5 will be accepted at the door.
Please be sure to park on the East side of the road (Spencer House side) facing North!

When: Fri., Feb. 21, 6-9 pm
Where: Stone Street Residency, 605 Stone St., Flint, MI

Produced by Unusual Operation Operation in affiliation with Flint Public Art Project. Unusual Operation Operation is a space for experimentation. It features all types of creators, including artists, musicians, performers, and writers, giving them the space and opportunity to show their work and the steps they took along the way.