Pop-Up Film Festival

Dec. 14, 2012

First Street Lofts, 460 S. Saginaw St., Flint, MI

A presentation of films in which unusual visions of the built and imagined environment play a starring role. Cities shape their inhabitants, and are shaped in return, through continuous waves of turmoil, struggle and contradiction.


Featuring works by David O’Reilly, including Please Say Something, an animated short that was awarded the Golden Bear at the 2009 Berlin International Film Festival, and The External World, a dystopian epic, which premiered at the 67th Venice Film Festival and the 2011 Sundance Film Festival. Experimental work by Gordon Matta-Clark and Vito Acconci, and work by Charlie Ahearn, which reveals the gritty, vibrant street life of NYC in the early 1980’s.