What is Downtown? / Kero & Annie Hall – Art Walk – October 2012

Oct. 12, 2012

Downtown Flint, MI

During the October Art Walk, Jerome Chou organized a discussion in the Spacebuster inviting leaders of downtown redevelopment projects to grapple with questions about financial constraints on development, urban history, cultural diversity, and the connection of downtown to the surrounding neighborhoods. Scott Whipple from Uptown Developments, Natasha Thomas–Jackson, Robert Fishman from the University of Michigan were among the featured panelists. Afterwards, Madrid native Annie Hall of the Detroit Underground label spun inside the bubble, while Kero produced a spectacular projection-mapping installation on the surface of the Genesee Towers. Inside the inflatable instant public space, young people danced the night away.


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Genesee Towers 9
Genesee Towers 12
Genesee Towers 10