My Husband is From Here

July 18, 6 pm - 8 pm

Spencer's Art House, 520 University Avenue, Flint, MI



Columbus, Ohio-based artist creates work at Spencer’s Art House about his connection to Flint through his husband

Flint Public Art Project is pleased to announce an interactive art event, My Husband is From Here. Artist Gregory Hatch, an Ohio native, invites the public to join in the making of a work on the grounds of Spencer’s Art House that explores his connection to the city through the greenhouse of his Flint-native husband’s family. For the event, Hatch will be constructing a greenhouse at the site during a week-long stay at the Stone Street Residency.

During the performance, Hatch narrates a slide presentation of personal family photos, followed by an activity in which participants cut felt flower and plant shapes to decorate banners adorned with personal facts about the artist and his husband. The artist will attach his own designs and expand on the designs the audience creates.

My Husband is From Here creates an informal dialog about the area, the artist’s personal knowledge, and biography. All supplies are being provided by the artist for the project. Viewers can expect an evening of conversation and activities that are accessible to a wide age range.

“I will admit that for most of my life I was unaware of Flint Michigan,” Hatch says. “My practice is centered around the ideas of personality and human interaction. Using performances and planned events I hope to create an experience for the viewer. I am interested to learn more about the community outside of my own experiences and create a stronger connection to my husband’s birth place.”

“At a time when marriage laws are in flux and traveling between states can determine the status of one’s legal bond, Hatch’s work reaffirms the importance of place as a foundation of personal identity and connection,” says FPAP executive director Stephen Zacks.

When: July 18, 6 pm – 8 pm

Where: Spencer’s Art House, 520 University Avenue, Flint, MI (OUTSIDE ONLY)