Spring Grove Nights – July 2013

Thurs., Jul. 4, 2013

Spring Grove, 2nd St. and Ann Arbor St., Flint, MI

Spring Grove Nights was a public art series featuring free performances and temporary installations on two 70-foot tall concrete silos at Spring Grove, a restored wetlands and open space near downtown Flint. Local bands Hawk & Son and Patchwork Head performed and artist Chris Jordan unveiled his installation Silo Swing. The evening ended with great views of the City of Flint’s July 4 fireworks.
Silo Swing invited visitors to take a ride on a six-story kinetic light installation. The installation incorporated a swing at ground level with reflective wind-catching materials above that created a light display on the silos during the day and at night. As visitors activated the installation through simple, playful actions, the two concrete monoliths that seem heavy and inert became fluid and responsive – foretelling the future park being constructed at Spring Grove.

Spring Grove Nights will help residents and visitors re-imagine the site, establishing a public space unlike any other in Flint and informing a long-range community plan to re-use the silos.

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