Free City 2014

Fri., Aug. 22: 6 pm – midnight Sat., Aug. 23: 2 pm – midnight

Chevy Commons (Stevenson St. between University Ave. and Kearsley St.), Spencer’s Art House (520 University Ave.), 610 Stone Street, Spring Grove Silos (2nd St./ Ann Arbor St.)

Free City 2014 expands to the greater downtown area on August 22 – 23 with a series of events connecting the neighborhoods surrounding the Chevy Commons. This two-day festival of art, design, and technology opens up the Chevy CommonsSpring Grove SilosSpencer’s Art House, and Dream Catcher House for emergent uses in art, design, new media, and community engagement as a demonstration of the industrial site’s future as a central public gathering place.

Chevy Commons (Stevenson St. between University Ave. & Kearsley St.)
Fri. 6 pm – midnight
Sat. 2 pm – midnight




Endless Drummers
Chevy Commons
Stevenson St. between University Ave. & Kearsley St.
Fri. 6 pm

Dozens of the region’s best drummers participate in a massive collaborative performance organized by Melissa Mays of Indi-Grace Promotions.


Clear Cut 
Exhibition by Unusual Operation Operation
Dream Catcher
610 Stone St.
Fri. 7 – 10 pm

Not everything in this world is clear-cut. A kaleidoscope of convictions and affiliations constantly hovers before our eyes, coloring and even obstructing our view of the world. It’s as though our houses have dirty windows, and we’re trying to make sense of what’s going on outside. We only see what our eyes can make out through the dirt and grime on the windowpanes, and we use this incomplete knowledge to interpret everything. What if, however, we cleaned those windowpanes? What if we emphasized the importance of edification instead of our personal allegiances? What if we focused on establishing a healthy community rather than our individual desires? What would the world look like if we allowed our personal convictions and opinions to only enrich our view of the world, instead of blinding us to it?

Detroit Party Marching Band
Chevy Commons
Stevenson St. between University Ave. & Kearsley St.
Fri. 7:30 – 8:30 pm

The Secret Soup
Audiovisual Performance by Eric Barry Drasin
Spencer’s Art House
520 University Ave.
Fri. 8:30 – 9:30 pm

The Secret Soup is a solo immersive interactive projection-mapped performance using a real-time system for improvised audiovisual composition. Referencing audiovisual synthesis techniques, custom digital interfaces control LFO waveforms, looped with a 1:1 audiovisual counterpart. Lines move across the frame while the oscillators are played to create an audiovisual gesture. This gesture is repeated and a new gesture is created forming a call and response using waveforms as the vernacular.

Statics Live
Audio and visual performance by Kero + Annie Hall
Chevy Commons
Stevenson St. between University Ave. & Kearsley St.
Fri., 10 – 12 pm

Kero (Sohail Azad) + Annie Hall (Ana Artalejo) are multimedia artists and owners of RVSD Records based in Windsor. They work with artists and record labels to produce custom records and vinyl art projects. Statics is an observational video that records the urban environment of the border cities of Windsor and Detroit through the lens of the various public (and pirate) art projects and interventions that pepper the sidewalks, alleyways and empty parking lots, highlighting their potential for positive transformation into active social spaces by employing non-traditional modes of development.

DJ Litz
Chevy Commons
Stevenson St. between University Ave. & Kearsley St.
Sat. 2 – 6 pm

Frank Pahl & Tim Holmes
Musical Performance
Spencer’s Art House
520 University Ave.
Sat. 5:30 – 6 pm

Frank Pahl and Tim Holmes collaborate on a sound performance featuring three new instruments exploiting clock chime rods and other nail violin type instruments. Pahl’s instruments include boxes in chromatic and major/minor scale, as well as ones containing a two-dozen chime rod blocks tuned to various chords. The tuning is created using bolt cutters and grinders. The result is ethereal and chordal sounds that contrast with a hammer chime played by Holmes that is capable of striking individual notes.


In the Weeds 
Landscape installations by Missy Ablin + Allen Gillers
Spencer’s Art House
520 University Ave.
Sat. 5:30 – 7 pm; Panel Discussion at 6 pm

In The Weeds is a landscape installation by Missy Ablin + Allen Gillers and public conversation on the grounds of Spencer’s Art House. Through playful use of form, color and optical patterning, the installation offers the potential to look anew at the whimsy and beauty that grows admits the weeds. In The Weeds hosts a panel discussion between academics, designers, and representatives from local government, law enforcement, and community organizations for a public conversation about community oriented art and design practices, and the publics these practices engage.

DJ Mark Taylor 
Chevy Commons
Stevenson St. between University Ave. & Kearsley St.
Sat. 6 – 11 pm

Musical Performance by Frank Pahl & Tim Holmes
Chevy Commons
Stevenson St. between University Ave. & Kearsley St.
Sat. 7 – 8 pm


Installation and Projection by John Guinn
Music Performance by Birdfeeder and People
Spring Grove Silos
2nd St. and Ann Arbor St.
Sat. 8:30 – 10:30 pm

Birdfeeder and People celebrate the birth of Moonbaby. The silos cradle the celestial newborn as its heart beats to electronic psychedelia. Moonbaby was conceived by your love.

The Secret Soup 
Audiovisual Performance by Eric Barry Drasin
Closing Event/ Performance at Chevy Commons
Stevenson St. between University Ave. & Kearsley St.
Sat. 11 pm – Midnight

A reprise of Drasin’s audiovisual performance moves to Chevy Commons for the closing event.



Ash Arder, The Way We Use
Rod Campbell, Carousel
Oreen Cohen, Desiring Production
Creative Alliance, Art Cube
Detroit Party Marching Band, Performance
Eric Barry Drasin, The Secret Soup
Patrick Ethen, Ellen Rutt, Simon Anton, Alan Sedghi, Eiji Jimbo, Rachel Mulder, The Good-Time Light Hearted Lean Peaks
Catherine Grau, Barefoot Path
Ryan Gregory, Found Object Sound Object
John Guinn, Moon Baby
Peter Halquist, New Primitivisms
Eric Hinds / Flint Odyssey House, The Dreaming Tree
Kero + Annie Hall, Statics Live
Victoria Koszegi, Face Painting Booth
Paris Legakis, con/traction
Brittany Luea, unit: configure. collapse. REconfigure. REuse.
Melisa Mays, Endless Drummers
Virginia Melnyk, ReThink the Ordinary
Jennifer Montague + Christopher Reynolds, Pigmented Chaos
Melisa Morgan and Nathan Dell, Art Gallery Drive Thru
Frank Pahl and Tim Holmes, Clock Chime Performances
Jay Rowland
Nick Safley, Mutt
Monica Sheets, Last Train Out
Cameron Winn, Light House
Mike Wright, Flint Steamworks Booth
Eleni Zararopoulos + Liza Bielby, Mix Tape Means I Love You