Call for an Architect-in-Residence

April 7, 2014

520 University Ave., Flint, MI

Flint Public Art Project announces an open call for an Architect-in-Residence at the Spencer’s Art House & Residency in Flint, Michigan as part of its program to activate disused structures, connect people and places, inspire residents to imagine new uses, and amplify the emerging identity of the city. The ideal candidate is a recent graduate from an M.Arch program with a strong interest in architecture as a catalyst for social change.

The SAH Architect-in-Residence will work with volunteers, professional builders, licensed architects, and associates in job training programs to direct the adaptive reuse of a damaged historic building and its grounds, and participate in its programming; to work with visiting artists on installations and performances in the building and other disused spaces; and to design an adaptive reuse project for neighboring sites and fully engage in its development.

The Architect-in-Residence will receive a monthly stipend and live rent-free in the Stone Street Residency alongside Flint Public Art Project staff and visiting and local artists. She or he will serve as an adjunct member of the FPAP staff, at times helping with projects and programs, including the Free City public art festival, which uses an abandoned mile-long former factory site as a space for temporary installations, performances, and programs. Experience working in the field with ad hoc building, producing events, and coordinating volunteers is a plus, but is not a requirement.

The dates for the residency are flexible, beginning in early May through June 1, and continuing for 3-6 months.

Send letters of interest with CV and portfolio to